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Rick's Story

When 5-year old Ricky’s kindergarten

teacher asked him what he wanted to be

when he grew up, he replied, “A clown-

so I can make people laugh.”


He doesn’t wear a red nose or floppy shoes,

but he has made lots of people laugh-

tens of thousands of kids and adults- all over

the United States, Mexico, Thailand, and Colombia.

kids' musician
Rick’s favorite... to perform

Any place where there are lots of kids growing up

Fat Albert


...breakfast food 

Granola with yogurt, coffee, and Madrona Hill’s vegan berry bars



odd jobs
  • Rick worked as a mechanical engineer for 13 years 

  • He started telling stories while working as a preschool teacher


first time on stage

6 years old- Magician’s assistant


worst time on stage 

Boo’d off the stage in Las Vegas for telling bad jokes

did you know?

Rick has written and performed three full-length monologues for adults on topics of love, traveling in Mexico, consumerism, and the great recession of 2008


These shows have played at theaters & fringe festivals in San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Richmond, VA and Washington, DC check out Monologues

Press Info

Photos to use in the press or hang up on your fridge.

Rick's shows focus on the struggles & successes of being human. He believes that stories, songs, and laughter can help us understand both ourselves and those around us- especially those with whom we don't agree.

He’s a captivating storyteller, a gifted dancer, and can play the guitar, dulcimer, 6-string ukulele, and nose flute (but usually not at the same time). He provides fun, lively, and thoughtful performances that leave audiences of all ages laughing. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his talented and charming wife, Kristin, and their two beautiful, funny, wonderful little toddlers, Gus & Marlo.

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