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Social Emotional Learning through funny songs & stories
Don't get mad, B(e) R.A.D.

Getting “mad” might mean angry, or nervous, or scared. By taking a moment when we experience any of these strong emotions, we can BreatheRecognize what we’re feeling, And Decide how our best self would respond.  


This high-energy assembly teaches students how to identify emotions and be better communicators. This program not only inspires, but gives students the chance to practice things like: being more respectful, listening to each other, and being better school mates. 


Ties in with social-emotional learning programs, like RULER, 4Rs, Steps to Respect, and Second Step. 

“We even saw laughs from students we had never seen more than smile.”- Jodi McClendon, Whittier ES, Sioux City, IA


"The Bohemian Rhapsody of assemblies: the energy ramps up & down beautifully!" - Mara Preibe, Dakota Assemblies


The Hoover vacuum of storytellers- he just sucks you right in.” - Marc Acito, author of How I Paid for College

“An excellent combination of storytelling and dramatic performance with music that focused on character building and social skills development. ”

 Fran Clarke, ASC Grant Program, Charlotte, NC

Puget Sound & Western WA pricing

Standard 2018-'19:

$795/two back-to-back | $1295/four shows

(Two schools can split same day)


$695/two back-to-back | $1195/four shows


Up to 350 students/show

Get more info or book a show now:

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