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Knowing the Truth - 8th grade student from Portland
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Knowing the Truth
8th grade student from Rick's storytelling residency
Bloody Nose - 6th grade student from Portland
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Bloody Nose
6th grade student from Rick's residency



Rick has toured all over the United States, Colombia, and Mexico performing for elementary & pre-K students. He has taught one-day workshops & multi-week residencies in storytelling, public speaking, creative dramatics, & music. 


All residencies vary in content based on time with students. Most schools find 3-5 sessions/class to be highly effective.


He is on the roster for Young Audiences of OR/SW WA, the Right Brain Initiative, Salem Arts Association, and ASC of Charlotte, NC

Storytelling / Public Speaking
4th-12th grades
One of the most important (and feared!) skills for people of all ages is public speaking. 

Storytelling is the oldest art form and the most immediate form of education. When Grok, the caveman, wanted to teach his son how to hunt, he told him the story of tracking a saber-tooth tiger’s paw prints through the jungle and to the watering hole.


Storytelling focuses on vivid imagery, the narrative sequence, and personal voice. The skills learned in this workshop are invaluable to students in all facets of their lives- whether they become writers, teachers, lawyers, or auto mechanics.


Meets the following educational standards:

Language Arts- Organize oral presentation in clear sequence

Language Arts- Communicate ideas using the oral form


Creative Dramatics
K-3rd grades
also Pre-K
Students will play theater games, sing, and act out stories while they learn social-emotional skills like collaboration, empathy, flexibility, and self-confidence.
Participants use their minds, bodies, and voices to express themselves. Together, we sing, create stories, and practice a variety of theater/improvisational games. The classes are entrenched in play.
I believe that creating and performing art in an environment of play encourages self-confidence and awareness. Longer residencies can culminate in a demonstration/performance, if desired.
“Play is the highest form of research.” -Albert Einstein


Meets the following educational standards:

Arts- Create, present, and perform works of art

Arts- Express ideas, moods, and feelings through the arts

Just say, "YES!"
4th-6th grades

Students will learn the elements of strong writing & get inspired by improvisational theater games. 


Writing can be a hard subject to teach. This workshop inspires students to write by first getting them active. Fun, challenging games engage them and ignite their imaginations. They learn how to "say yes" to ideas- whether it's while they're improvising OR writing.


Inspire students to write. Spark creative juices. Connect with students who don’t typically enjoy writing. 


Created using common core standards.


Meets the following educational standards:

Language Arts- Understanding and Using a Writing Process

Language Arts- Write narrative texts to express ideas

Students gained personal strength through their storytelling. In larger sense it has improved how they see themselves as members of the larger school community.  In a personal sense, it has improved day to day interactions with peers and staff and increased self-esteem and confidence. Since the residency concluded, students have been visiting younger classes to share their stories.  
---Laresa Beck, 7th/8th grade teacher, Beach School
As our residency progressed, I saw great progress in their storytelling skills. The skills they gained during this residency still carries in the work that we are doing in class today. The RBI residency helped build their self-esteem and has given them the courage to take risks! 
---Michi G. Caldwell, 6th grade teacher, Beach School
Rick put together a literacy project for Newby Elementary that was engaging and interactive for each and every student.  We are still referring to it a year later.  His personal interaction with over 500 students was outstanding.  He is a master of his craft, and has the additional skill to bring theatrical storytelling out in others. He had students from kindergarten through 5th grade excited about writing, speaking, and practicing the delivery of their own personal stories.  He was able to create age appropriate materials for each of the groups.   
---Dave Carlson, Principal, Newby Elementary School
Rick met with teachers before his residency so what he was working on aligned to what was happening in the classrooms and the Common Core State Standards.  The students and staff very much enjoyed his time at our school. 
---Kathi Fowler, Principal, Columbus Elementary School

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