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Rick Huddle - Monologues

"Rick is a warm, natural performer committed to discovering the real truth of the world and ourselves." - Mike Daisey


“Rick Huddle is the Hoover vacuum of storytellers- he just sucks you right in.” - Marc Acito, author of “How I Paid for College”


“He’s a real virtuoso at moving slowly. Quite talented!”- Keith Johnstone, the grandfather of modern improvisation


Border Crossings

       A true story. One man travels to Mexico and discovers all sorts of cultural barriers and baggage he didn’t realize he was carrying. He meets a young woman who’s willing to risk her life and travel the world to meet her mate.         

    Pat Benatar, Pablo Neruda, and Poison join forces to help him make sense of it all.

“As the curtain rose on "Border Crossings”, the only props onstage were a stool and a guitar. He sang. He danced. He made the most of the possibilities of one body onstage. ... (he) brought together the narrative strands impressively.”  -SF Chronicle



"Huddle is an engrossing presence. ... he brings a surprisingly strong physicality to the stage with his lithe movements. My only complaint: I wasn’t ready to leave when the show ended. I could’ve listened to this guy for hours." - Just Out 


Rick's performance at Art6 tonight was a wild comedic ride explaining the Great Depression, the credit crunch, deregulation and CEO bonuses in music, stories and assorted foreign accents. His breakdown of the creation of the World Trade Organization was masterfully hysterical; why does everything always come down to American arrogance? Don't answer that.”

- I could go on and on blog

A ukulele- and slideshow-enhanced comedy about the economy. It combines Romanian shopping clerks, AIG bonuses, tear gas, and John Keynes’ theory of economics into one riveting story that’s essential to understanding today’s economic crisis. 


In this combination of solo confessional and socio-political commentary, Huddle decodes financial lingo and throws light onto the shadow banking system. He takes on Wall Street, Congress, corporate America and shows what all of us can do to prevent this from happening again. 

Spent: Collusion & Prosperity in the World Economy  


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